My Collection


My answer to the question, "why do you love watches?," will always be the same: It's an object I can wear everyday, my entire life, through life's ups and downs. I love the idea of an everlasting material possession that conjures memories of my past - where I've been, what I've been through. I bought my first Rolex intent on wearing it though thick and thin. Based on the marketing of the day, which seemed to always herald the robustness of the Oyster case, A Rolex seemed a good choice be a lifelong companion.

It may be hard to imagine, but the look of the watch played a minor role in my ultimate purchase decision. And the investment angle had no bearing (I never thought to "flip" my watch). When I walked into the boutique twenty years ago, I didn't have a particular model in mind. I was on a mission to buy a Rolex - and I had a budget - that's it. It was the saleslady who guided me toward a silver dial, Datejust. 

Suffice it to say, "collecting," wasn't on my brain when I bought my Datejust. Again, my mindset going into the purchase was to buy a worthy, proven watch I could clasp on my wrist everyday and have it journey through life with me. 

Today I still hold on to that notion. In fact, I believe in it more strongly than ever. It's my guiding light when it comes to watch purchases. I will say, I've come to appreciate other brands and other aspects of watches, like their design and ethos. But at the end of the day, for me, buying a watch - keeping a watch - still comes down to answering the question, "If I was a one watch man, could this be my forever watch?" Answering "Yes" to that big question says a lot about that watch. At a minimum, it says I love the way it looks, love how it makes me feel and that I'm totally cool with it taking a doorknob to the bezel...  

Click on a watch below to read my musings on it... Although I touch on some of the finer points about the model, this isn't meant to be a technical reference or review. What you'll find is more of a personal essay - me expressing my quirky, idiosyncratic feelings for the watch... Ultimately answering the question to why it's a keeper...